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About Part Problem


Who are we?
Part Problem is a forum created by Accident Express intended to help the vehicle repair industry navigate through the problems of sourcing parts especially if BREXIT causes more supply issues than expected. The idea is we collaborate as an industry to get through any snagging issues which may occur.

Why do this?
To aid in providing solutions to potential problems that may arise, to help keep businesses moving and maintaining key to key kpi’s. Last but by no means least, because we are stronger together.

What’s the idea?
In the unfortunate event your usual suppliers are unable to source a part you are able to post the problem part and as a community we can collaborate to hopefully find a solution together.

What does it cost?
Absolutely nothing! Maybe your time to help a fellow repairer out.

What’s the catch?
It’s simple … there isn’t one.

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No Spreading of Any Copyrighted Material

Please be Nice!

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